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Snow White in The Tub


My old swimtoys, Snow White and the  7 dwarfs from Disneyland 37 years old….I was 10 when I got them!

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Beautiful Gotland Island



Alice and Nikki amongst the typical sea stacks!

in my onepiece “can’t you tell I am in fashion….” haha

Swedish Artist Clara Hallencreutz vshows in LA this wednesday!


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Good Friday at Gotland



With best friend Daphne, they painted eggs and went for an egg hunt and wore the masks Alice made at Reids Palace.

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Happy Easter from the witches of Vamlingbo



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Our Day at Last Paradise Island Porto Santo


We enjoyed the spa at Hotel Porto Santo and a super meal at Mar e Sol beach restaurant after an ocean dip, and a long beachwalk in the amazing Porto Santo Sand!


The most incredible spa I ever seen at Hotel Porto Santo!!! Amazing architect from Madeira



Picassos “brother”

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Today at Reids Palace



Alice enjoyed the kids club at the Reids, and they made some amazing easter projects, meanwhile we enjoyed the lunch and dessertbuffet!


dessert *burger* with chocolatemousse and  mango and passionsfruitsmousse, so so yummy!

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Sidestreet with churchview in Funchal



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Reids Belmond Palace Garden


The by far most beautiful garden is at our hotel The Reids, the flowers here are almost like fake…and you discover tresures everywhere like todays orchids blooming, many famous guests have enjoyed them before us….like Winston Churchill!


Winston Churchill at his terrace at The Reids



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Last Swim in Madeira Island for This Time


Our last day we enjoyed early dinner at  Doca do Cavacas, here you can enjoy the sunset and have fresh fish and portugese green wine, the black beach is vulcanic sand and stone, and the natural swimmingpools are right below.