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Cookiedough Ready-to-bake



7 of a kind is a brand new swedish company , they have seven kinds of cookie doughs to easily bake out and bake for 7-9 minutes,  as the traditional swedish small cookies tradition is to serve 7 kinds of cookies at a traditional swedish afternoon coffee  party.

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River Island



Daisy coat and coloured handbag from River Island, thank you Presskontakterna

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Excited over my NEW Glasses



I got new great glasses today at Favoptic. Thank you Angelica Star PR

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One Birkin Going to NYC Tomorrow



Check Out Auktionsverket for more Hermes treasures


We all want it……

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Great Haircut and Colour Yesterday



Antonio Axu is THE man

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Snow White in The Tub


My old swimtoys, Snow White and the  7 dwarfs from Disneyland 37 years old….I was 10 when I got them!

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Beautiful Gotland Island



Alice and Nikki amongst the typical sea stacks!

in my onepiece “can’t you tell I am in fashion….” haha

Swedish Artist Clara Hallencreutz vshows in LA this wednesday!


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Good Friday at Gotland



With best friend Daphne, they painted eggs and went for an egg hunt and wore the masks Alice made at Reids Palace.

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Happy Easter from the witches of Vamlingbo



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