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Cafe Med

Today we had a small break, during these hectic shoot days……. so we rushed over to Cafe Med, 8615 West Sunset Blvd. for some bresaola with artichokes and parmesan cheese…… my favorite….and some butter and sage ravioli! Dropped by the store Tobi Tobin, my new favorite home decor store, I came in for the chocolates…….wonderful dark chocolate caramel w sea salt, but then I was stuck, a lot of great furniture, some scandinavian, unique jewelery, and the candle collection is wonderful I got the signature scent, in a luxurious box, love it!!!!  Then The Andaz had an exhibit, Superbato saves the world, by mexican artist Enrique Chagoya, he is based in San Fransisco, the slot machine is a great concept that would work with any charities!




my new candle at my workstation at my hotel Andaz


Tobi Tobin by her candles


Mexican artist Enrique Chagoya and hotel Andaz Nancy Lorusso

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