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Finally Bagatelle is Opening




Bagatelle New York

One Little West 12th Street

New York, NY 10014

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Recipe For Men



Lovely dinner with dear friends Daniela and Haitem for swedish mens skincare brand Recipe for Men, catered by a fantastic midsummer’s meal by Ulrika at Smorgards Chef and Purity vodka. The view was fantastic!

Recipe for Men‘s three founders, three pro skiers decided in the ski slopes of northern sweden that a mens hydrating skincare product was needed and they started the line, produced in the swedish town of Mora

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Eric and I in East Hampton



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How Much Lobster Can One Eat…..



FANTASTIC Lobster feast!

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Zoo and BBQ in Bedford



We had a fantastic day at John’s friend’s private zoo looking at all exotic animals, african birds, Kangaroos, willoughbys, ostriches, lemurs, Falmingos, Lamas and much much more but feeding the lemurs was the best, then fun in the pool with friends and then we went foodshopping and cooked up a BBQ corn salsa with bacon, zucchini and tomatoes, and marinated steaks in a coriander/mint marinade DELICIOUS

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Drew Barrymore’s Pinot Grigio


Barrymore’s Pinot Grigio around 20 usd a bottle from the region of Triveneto, Italy we need to try it!

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Happy Birthday AnnSofie



What a food celebration, at Ciprianis Downtown, we had everything on the menu, plus Cristal Rose! Thank you John!

Here cheering under the painting AnnSofie painted of Cecilia smoking a cigar, AnnSofie was wearing Alexander McQueen

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Summer In The City



Lovely day today, coffee with a dear friend Veronica at Bel Ami, she is so buzy with AWF and some other fantastic BIG projects….. and then lunch with an other dear friend Chris¬† at Le Charlot, Chris designs her own accessories line CreelMack Mathilda from jewellryline Sophiebysophie stopped by,¬† and then met with sweetheart designer Jan and slovak/tjeck stylist Jano, liked his work a lot a very established and high end stylist! Now I am off to find an Elmo balloon and food shopping!

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Que Bella Gente, Que Bella Serata Il Cantinori



Il Cantinori

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Finally Crispy Rice w Spicy Tuna Koi My Love


Crispy rice and spicy tuna……at Koi

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