Viva La Mozzarella

In beautiful Napoli, treat home of the pizza we stopped by classic restaurant Ciro, illness the pizza here with the best mozzarella ever I dream of, the best you have ever had, also had great eggplant, and the freshest mozzarella too good…..spagetti alle vongole and their famous hazelnut gelato! Great local crowd, here one could cast the cast of a real Sopranos series, then off to Roma!

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Midsummers in Positano

Leaving Farandwide for Midsummers Night!

Positano here we come!

Our new favorite store in the harbour of Positano Antica Sartoria

Beautiful pergola walking up towards Serenuse, and cialis stopping by this great bakery and a quick shopping at great jeweler Felude and at the Missonistore, sildenafil and  where the sales girl helped me to track down the florist, see Aldo, we explained to him that I needed 5 sets of seven field flowers for the traditional 7 flowers under the pillow-dream of your future husband-midsummers eve tradition, he would deliver them to Sirenuse where we were having dinner… this wonderful hotel, under the full moon,  the waiter announced the florist, I greeted him and three giant boxes w seven enormous arrangements…..he totally had misunderstood…..pionees, lilys, roses , sunflowers etc…..beutiful but totally wrong, I cut all the flowrs off and we all slept on a vey expensive fluffy midsummers bouquet….and nobody remeber their dreams….so they said….

field flowers

Kasper in a true midsummer nights dream in a real crown w wild field flowers

Me and My Samsonite

What fits five Manolo Blahnik heels, sovaldi five evening bags, case   five party dresses two bikinis,  two kaftans and a lot of jewelry??? My new cabin Samsonite!

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Grand Hotel Via Veneto

Yesterday in Roma outside my hotel brand new Grand Hotel Via Veneto, thumb love hotels that have Bulgari products in the bathrooms! Dinner w the group that stayed at Hotel de Russie.

At Vienna airport I had time to buy Manner hazelnut wafers, reminds me strongly of my early childhood when my mother used to get me these as snack before my ballet lessons

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We Are Sailing

Captain Gaetano of Farandwide, illness sales Scott and Molly, Leigh and George

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My summersong 2010

Just Say Yes

we are wearing kaftans by Virginia Witbeck

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Beautiful Farandwide

On the boat I am wearing a dress bymalina and sunglasses by MODO

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Finally at Farandwide in Marina Grande, ask downtown Capri, had to get ready quickly for the

birthdayparty! Dressed in my new Gretadress in off white silk, and a jewelry vintage piece that belonged to my mother, caprisandals off course and Rika bag ! The crew, captain Gaetano is drop dead gorgeous and his right

hand sweetheart Francesco and chef Marco now also I am meeting my travelpartners for the birthdayweek of wonderful best friend Veronica, she has invited Leigh, George, Molly, Scott and me and my daughter for the week, all of us in the fashion movie industry but George and my daughter! Marco, the fabulous chef has prepared a wonderful coctail buffet and champagne. Veronica dressed in Etro and a Rebecca necklace and Hublot watch, Michael and Kinka stopped by the boat and then also dear old friend Mehdi, at restaurant Da Paolino in a lemon garden Miriam from Kima jeans and her friend Catherine joined us and then the rest of the night is blurry…..

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Anacapri june 18th and 19th

18-6 Stockholm Napoli here I come, decease dressed in my absolute new fevorite dress boob in Napoli I took a taxi to the port of

Mergelina to drop off my luggage on the sail yatch Farandwide, pilule one day prior to

the start of our sailing week! My dearest friend Veronica Varekova has for the

third time rented a sailyatch and invited a close group of her friends to

celebrate her birthday! The other guest will sail from Napoli to Capri the next

day. Superstressed w an oilpainting under my arm, cure (made by my father) I was

trying to make the last ferry aliscafo, costs 16 euros one way, to my beloved Anacapri on the top of

Capri, and so I did! I spent many many summers here w my father Einar and

mother Tatiana. Axel Munthes Villa San Michele in Anacapri is where my heart

still is! Read his wonderful book “The Way To San Michele”, It is so intense to

now relive this w my newborn daughter. Axel Munthes Villa Sam Michele belongs to Sweden and Munthe wrote a stern will how Swedish artist should be able to

stay here to get inspired. I took a tour in the museum as so many times before

the chapeI at the tip where my mother held concerts each summer and the sfinxs

where you make a wish, I spent one night at Axel Munthes Villa San Michele! As a

child I remember how I swam at Capri Palace, the pool here still amazes me, Jaqueline Onassis spent time here in the 60-ies! 19-6 I spent the day just walking around in Anacapri, shopped some typical emroided

things, ceramics, and sandals off course, each year I need a pair, this year

gold w off-white stones, Il Sandali Caprese t had some coffee at the piazzetta and a nice talks w my

fathers friend Salvatore, a painter who has a store, on the way to the villa, he insited on playing vem kan segla for utan vind on his guitar for me! At

the villa a group of swedes have met up w some wine and snacks to watch The

Crown princess of Swedens wedding, I sat down with them, I have dressed some artist performing during

these festivities, amongs them Agnes who sung in church for Victoria and Daniel, Agnes wore lebanese couture designer Georges Hobeika.

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Soon I will give you my travel diary and pictures….from my most fantastic trip with the sailyatch Farandwide!
The absolute best tips and hot pictures, medical advice of my favorite places in Capri-Ponza-Positano