Former lingerie model Laetitia Casta Is Brigitte Bardot In Serge Gainsbourg Biopic Movie she is great and so is Serge played by Eric Elmosnino Jane Birkin is played by Lucy Gordon!



Two new exhibitions open TODAY—Manly Pursuits: The Sporting Images of Thomas Eakins & Catherine Opie: Figure and Landscape

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Erik and Lisas Dinner

Fantastic fish soup w two diffrent aiolis, viagra sale help and two diffrent hummos spreads for the bread

Summerberries pie!

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Sorry Been a Little Buzy Lately Partying

For the reception Rune at Folkeryds in Burgsvik made a white princesscake w rosebvuds and hearts in marsipan, hospital cialis sale we are all dressed in Greta dresses

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Robyn on Letterman Yesterday

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Michael Douglas in Visby-Gotland

In Visby for a love trip right now is Michael Douglas and wife Catherine Zeta-Jones

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After Rain Comes Sunshine

It has been raining at Gotland, buy cialis only for 24 hours…..but well needed. I have the full series The Saint, sovaldi that we watch when we feel like it, here love Roger Moores style and the concept of this early 60-ies series, it reminds me of my father and I watching it when I was a young child! We cook a lot I made a Gotland style-Capri pizza margerita, friends come by such I writer Fredrik Virtanen w girldfriend Karolina Runqvist, and now almost all Stockholm friends are down here. yesterday dinner at Fanny and Asas,  they had made a gorgeous gaspacho w watermelon and tomatoes! We brought special dessert from Folkeryds bakery, princesstarta made special by Rune the baker for a very special occasion…… Kristin just arrived,  my friend since the age of 6!

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Greta Dresses

Sales party in Hanna, seek one of the owners of Greta, prostate in her farm barn in Vamlingbo Gotland Island, we all have a few I got a pea green!

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Lady Diana

A collection of 10 dresses worn by fashion icon Princess Diana will go on display at the Bath Fashion Museum in England

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Party At La Fee Verte 7-17!

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