Best Gift Ever Alice Photo in A Pendant



Love my new pendant by Lotta Hasselblad

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For My Teacup



a wonderful gift from my dear Sofia

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Love These Silver Mirror Shoes



By Jimmy Choo

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Carl Bengtsson



Met with wonderful photographer Carl Bengtsson today to discuss an interesting job project!!

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Very Special Gorilla Converse by Rafael-Brolicdesign



Check out Brolicdesign HERE

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In The Window at The Photographer



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Live Like You Check Me Out!



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La Conca Del Sogno



Spent my day on our friends boat and we went to swim in front of Positano and then we had a fantastic lunch at 5, buy 30 pm……in Nerano at La Conca Del Sogno arriving at the restaurant twinsisters Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were there.


cioa belli Faraglioni

Pippo and Greta

Fantastic pasta with zucchini!



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Limonaia Da Paolinos Restaurant!



Bumped into dear friend Michael Zeppetello and friend on my way to Da Paolinos for dinner at 11 pm….the night before Sarah Jessica Parker was here!

Basil with mozzarella

Great white wine from Amalfi

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One More Day in Paradiso



Best pizza ever at Aurora

By the pool at Capri Palace in Anacapri like the old days, treat I am dressed in Dosa

Fantastic lunch at Il Riccio by The Grotta Azzurra, ambulance Maryam, me and Veronica enjoying the dessert table, with lots of local great tasting fruits! The beach club is is great!

Went with old friend Alessandro and his gorgeous model-doctor girlfriend from Argentina for a shopping spree, then I stopped by Kinkas house for a drink at sunset, here with Suzy

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