Alex & Fred Kids Bedsets!



Designer and dear friend Bobo, remedy unhealthy   soon to be mother of three, capsule   came up with the fabulous idea of making bedsets of shirt fabric leftovers, the name Alex & Fred

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Rickfors & Rickfors



I bumped into old friend Eva Lotta yesterday, nurse she used to live in NYC, sales a pilot and now babywear and clothing  designer of Rickfors & Rickfors, look   I loved her baby bamboojamas in orange in eco friendly materials!


Eva Lotta and her husband music legend Mikael Rickfors

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Cecilia’s High Point Cafe Write Up in Daily Express


Friend and former NYC room mate and Helmut Newton Model, got a wonderful write up on her Cecilia’s High Point cafe in Antigua! Congrats! I hear soon she will have a few bungalows also for rent!

Cecila with her daughter Maja

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Jewels 4 The Polar Prize Hostesses



Super TV news and  TV hosts Tilde de Paola looking stunning in Rebecca’s sparkling and bling new jewelry collection, glitter shoes from Marlene Birger, and Petra Nordlund looking gorgeous in a black long Lars Wallin gown and bracelets by ICON!

Gothenburg For The Day



Job meeting today in Gothenburg

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Happy Birthday Eric The Godfather!



Soooo much fun yesterday EVERYBODY was there, discount here w Mia and Tina

Martina and me

Birthdayboy and beautiful Sofia


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Lovely Teaparty

Best friend Jennifer threw a lovely teaparty today before moving back to NYC, pharm she is selling her super gorgeous apartment in Stockholm Check her apartment out HERE

Beautiful former supermodel Gabriella Dufwa, order now NYC top real estate agent with Domus Realty she is wearing an ICON bracelet, (also The Crownprincess Victoria of Swedens new favorite bracelet)

Three best friends talented gorgeous Art Director Kristina backlund, Hostess and Editor/stylist Jennifer Jansch soon New Yorker again! and lovely smart businesswoman Leana Greene, all three wearing ICON bracelets

Two of my precious goddaughters Jackie and Celeste both New Yorkers!

GQ Shows Patrik Anderssons Short Film of Andrew Buckler’s Collection



Watch Behind The Line

Behind the Line: Andrew Buckler Spring 2012 – Short Film by Patrik Andersson

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Fitting Today


Fitting today with TV host Tilde de Paola for The Polar Prize this comming tuesday, site she looks amazing in all my gowns, try 9 months pregnant and beautiful, smart Tilde!!!!


I looked at some amazing shoes from Malina

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Femme Boost



Femme is the new energydrink 100 % all natural drink boost

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