Some More Shows Today



Lexington is classic and greatly styled by Amanda Johansson

Carl Johan Ronn a photographer legend and one of the first photographers I worked with, and he is also partowner of Lexington

Cheap Monday

I LOVE Busnel styled by Marina kereklidou

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Maylas High Tea Fashionshow was Amazing



Marlene’s Mayla collection was elegant and very classy, 30-ies feel with Chanel influence, great hats, jewelry, bags shoes and stockhings all fully styled to perfection!

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Beckmans School of fashion in stockholm



Best show of this week was the new talented designers at Beckman’s in Stockholm

My favorite was Lamija Suljevic

and Alina Brane

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Best Mens Fashionshow styled by Ursula Wangander



Oscar Jacobson’s men’s fashionshow had the best casting, super cool guys and most of all supersuits!

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Filippa K Women at The mOdern Museum in Stockholm



LOVE these tuxedo style pants by Filippa K, doctor troche this show by far had the best models and the most beutiful make up!

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Coolest Show Safilo Glasses



Fun concept with each brand and a model dressed in the designer clothing comming out from a box our supermodel Emma Sjoberg walked the show, click beautifully styled by Marina Kereklidou

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Carin Wester



Nice dress by Carin Wester

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Best Semla in Stockholm at Liselotte’s



Liselotte’s by Odenplan make regular semlor and mini ones!

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Fahionweek Stockholm



Noomi Rapace opens Fashionweek

Altewai Saome opens Stockholm Fashionweek, order cialis sale also winners of Max Factor Award, loved their collection and their craftmanship, beautiful fabrics!

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Finadu Finally a US Site That Sells Scandinavian Designer Clothing




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