Back in Anacapri-Capri This is where my heart is


From Gotland to Capri…..took car-boat-bus-subway-taxi-2 planes-taxi-boat-taxi………I forgot my beloved SUSS LA sweather in the Napoli taxicab….and the driver came back with it……


Axel Munthes Villa San Michele Museum with the most beautiful garden in Italy, see my father

Einar Jolin’s small exhibit at Cafe Casa Oliv in the museum, with some of his works from Capri in the 60-ies and 70-ies, I spent a´my summers here and so is my Alice…..


The most beautiful view, I will never get tired of it…..quite a fuzzy image but taken by an old old man, native of Anacapri. I am wearing a perfectly light cotton summerdress by Gudrun Sjöden.

My intrest in food, fashion, culture  started when I was born spending time right here!

Worldcup in Risotto making is now in transition to Pizza making

We have after 10 years of our yearly risotto party, viagra sale Worldcup in Risotto changed to worldcup in pizza making.


So we rented a pizzaoven and here is pizza Alice one of the best by far





cheese and local Gotland truffle pizza was my contribution


Hedgehog having pizza leftovers…..

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Shot an Editorial…….

We shot an editorial in the beautiful stone yard in the south of Gotland, remedy loved to work with talented and sweet Make up and hair artist Madeleine Gaterud again…it had been some years…..she used partly make up from Make Up Store and the master photographer Mr Stefan Anderson, prostate my hubby shot the gorgeous images…….



Alice in Prada fall 2016 wood shades

Makeup Eraser


All you ever need is the Makeup Eraser a reusable, remedy ultra-soft cloth that removes makeup with only warm water in less than 2 minutes.

MAKEUP ERASER is found at and at Rickys, find AOL, Sephora, and many fine beauty supply companies across the Globe.

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Happy Weddinganniversary 2 me


13 years as married with Stefan Anderson we celebrated at Furillen and the chef of the year, Filip Fasten’s fine dining in the middle of nowhere

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Spoiled by Polhempr Today


Make up from Make Up Store


Scented Soywax candle Monday by Melly Moon


All geared up for summer hair by Hårologi

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